8 simple tips to gain weight

Tips To Gain Weight : 8 Easy Ways to Get Physically Fit.

8 tips to gain weight
8 tips to gain weight

Here are 8 tips to gain weight for the people between the two categories that generally exist. The ones who belong to category one are heavy weight or fatty. On the other hand, second type includes underweight or skinny. This is ironic the people who are fat, always struggle to be skinny whereas bony always try to gain weight. Additionally, excessiveness in each case would be a disaster for health of a person. As fat should be reduced to stay healthy likewise to gain weight for skinny guys should be equally important.

8 tips to gain weight

Gaining weight is not a hard task to master. In fact, this is much more easy than reducing weight. By following these simple steps in a manageable way will help to increase weight rapidly .Lets check out these easily applicable tips to gain weight and look more attractive being healthy.

Should consult to a good nutrition

First of all , here at 8 simple tips to gain weight, thin person should find a solid reason for being thin. For this, you should be get checked from consultant or nutrition for better pieces of advice.
This would be helpful in case if you are suffering from some kind of internal disease, so you would be given proper medication on time. Subsequently, he may enjoy sound health himself.

Seek medical assistance
8 tips to gain weight

Make a habit of doing exercise to gain weight

Secondly, there must be consistency in doing exercise regularly. Exercise is very much beneficial rather than any other physical activity. It really helps body muscles to shape up. There should also be weight trainings that help to transform maximum amount of calories into muscles. This definitely will win to generate many extra pounds in the weight of the body. For more convenience, 30 minutes resistance training will be much fruitful to gain weight.

Healthy intake of diet

Third and the most important tip is healthy intake of diet. If you are skinny, it really does not mean that you can eat whatever you want. Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be on time. Make sure to add supper in your daily meals but take at proper time.

Avoid junk food

Fourth important tip is to avoid junk food such as burgers , fizzy drinks chips and chocolates so on. Make sure that whatever is eaten , body is absolutely absorbing it. This is mythical as being thin, a person can eat each and every thing he is craving for. Eating junk food will not help in any case to gain weight.

Eat healthy and stay healthy
8 tips to gain weight

Take considerable amount of calories

Fifthly, excessive intake of calories will help to gain weight faster. Make a routine to eat approximately 500 to 1000 calories in a day . The food must contain such amount to reach the desired level of needed calories.

Add more complex fats and carbohydrates in diet

Sixth noticing tip to gain weight is to eat more complex fats and carbohydrates in diet. Such as bread , pasta ,white grain and so on. Also eat right kind of fats that include healthy unsaturated fats in moderation for example olive and coconut.

Try to eat more nuts and proteins to gain weight

Seventh tip to increase weight is to eat more nuts and proteins in diet. Our body requires 0.8 gm per body weight (kg) everyday of protein to construct new muscles. Make sure to consume protein from natural sources such as milk, meat, fish and seeds.

8 tips to gain weight
8 tips to gain weight

Drink water but consciously

Eighthly, do not drink water right before taking any meal. There should be ten minutes gap prior to take meal. And after having meal ,wait for about same 10 minutes to drink water. This is because water in stomach is mixed up with the food which will result in digestion problems . That will ultimately lead to body weight issues.

So, these are some genuine and easy tips to gain weight which will not be harmful in any case but provide a better understanding of how to gain weight in a right way.

8 tips to gain weight

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