10 tips to lose weight in 7 days

10 tips to lose weight in 7 days

If you want to lose weight in 7 days and that too in easy steps then here we are to help you lose weight.

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10 tips to lose weight in 7 days
10 tips to lose weight in 7 days

10 tips to lose weight in 7 days

You have a really important event of your life and you want to look beautiful and confident but at the same time you are worried about your weight. What a bad luck that you can’t fit into your favourite of the designer dress?  

Well well well… It’s the time to worry less and work hard. Yes you are right here with us and we will guide you to attain that perfect body by 10 tips to lose weight in 7 days, which is going to be admired by everyone and you will feel more confident, healthier and more active than ever before. Also, you will be fitted in that designer dress too.

However, you should remember that this weight lose tips are definitely going to be your ideal tips and will certainly boost up your weight loss journey. If you want to have some steady weight loss then it takes some time, categorically more than a weak and a lot of effort but you must be Self motivated (SELF MOTIVATION) and your self esteem should also be high.

If you successfully shed prominent weight within a weak then you are prone to gaining it back as quickly as you lose. So, you need to take care of your diet and exercise properly to maintain the weight.

Here, we are sharing some practical and possible tips for you, If you want to lose a good number of pounds within a weak. Take our 7 days challenge and then stick to it. You will successfully shed a few pounds within a week.

10 tips t0 lose weight in 7 days
10 tips to lose weight in 7 days

So,10 tips to lose weight in 7 days to kick start your weight loss journey are mentioned below.

1. Say a big NO to carbonated or soda drink.

2. No sugar intake, instead use artificial sweetener if needed.

3. Increase the intake of vitamin C. You can take citrus fruits specially Oranges and lemon juice. Strawberries, potatoes, broccoli, Guava, parsley and kiwis are some of the highly enriched foods with vitamin C.

4. Exercise for half an hour. Start with walk and boost up your stamina. It increases your metabolic rate. There are a lot of beneficial exercises to lose weight like Plank, push-ups and running. You can check some very useful exercise here: 7 Day Weight Loss Challenge At Home – YouTube.

5. Morning walk for an hour. Apart from weight loss it also calms your mind. It maintains blood pressure and gives a fresh and active start to your body.

6. Switch to active lifestyle. It can include going to grocery by foot or bicycle.

7. Increase water intake and stay hydrated so that you feel fuller. Especially drink plenty of water before any meal. It will fill up your stomach and decrease the need of unnecessary calories.

8. Start conscious eating. Pay attention to quality and quantity of your food. Pay attention to your brains signal of fullness. Don’t eat much at night. Add leafy green vegetables and fresh fruit to your diet.

9. Start avoiding unnecessary munching. Stop having junk food you feel hungry at odd times, instead you can have some water or fruits.

10. Do not take stress. Stress is the most common reason of weight gain in a lot of people.

You can take this 10 tips to lose weight in 7 days challenge and practice it for a week. If you continue doing it and rigid to it, It will become your habit. If you succeed in following these 10 tips then it is guaranteed that you will lose your weight speedily.

However, a very important reason of weight gain could be your medical condition. If your weight is still on the same point after following the tips, then it is the time to schedule an appointment with your doctor visit him for proper medical check-up. Discuss everything with him and take the necessary medication. We are highlighting it in our article because most of the times weight gain in girls or women is due to hormonal issues. They may have irregular monthly cycles or other symptoms which they must discuss with your doctor.

Best of luck for your 10 tips to lose weight in 7 days journey towards healthy and active lifestyle.

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