How to become a believer?

How to become a believer?

Become a Believer who is the one who has some strict idea upon certain thing or think. In the terminology, believer is who believes in God and follows a specific school of thoughts: generally considered as religion and the follower of it is called believer. So, the one who has true and genuine faith in something specific would be termed as believer.

On the contrary,the person who doesn’t believe in anything is called non-believer. In an etymology, non-believer is the one who doesn’t believe in God also named as atheist. A non-believer will not obey any religion and will not perform anything according to it.

Let's start believing in yourself

But here, I am explaining with different perception of the term believer. How to become a believer? Here I want to refer a person as a believer who achieves success and make himself able to reach his destination with uncountable sufferings and sacrifices.

How a person become a believer?

Upon this earth, never a person born with a belief. He gets up ,learns, explores and starts believing. There is a stage in everyone’s life when the things get wrong and subsequently he has no control over the surroundings. At this point, each person thinks his meaning of existence . Now, whatever he learns will ultimately become his faith. Some start believing that we are creatures amongst other creatures created by God and . Some accept all the positive and negative capabilities in humans and choose to grow with them. Having such kind of faith, everyone discovers his purpose of existence and keep on going with the same belief. According to Kay Barnes

We become who we believe we are


Factors that shape up as a believer

Let’s get up to learn to the basic tools to become a Believer.


Determination is the first phenomenon through which a person becomes a believer. In fact, determination is another word which is used in place for believe. If a person is determined, he will have believe to get anything of his desire in life. His eagerness, keenness and enthusiasm collectively collectively shape up his belief. He then, at every point of his life, believes that his intentions are very much pure towards anything he does. Which leads him towards success.

Determination leads you to faith


How to become a believer? Pain is the second factor that builds the believer’s mind. The one who faces grieves and sorrows will ultimately start to believe that this life is not a bed of roses and man has to struggle for his longings. But his pain provides him a tool of believe that his hardships will pay off one day. If a man experiences pain he will become more and more strong to handle ups and downs of life. This is his belief in himself that enables him to grow at every step of life. His thinking is now the sole guardian of him to push him up at every point.

Stand for yourself


After determination and pain, motivation is the third and the most important perspective in believer’s personality. It usually comes from society and people around. There is a certain stage in life of a person when his morale gets down . He is now really in a need for inspirations from society to get himself up. Motivation provides him such confidence that nothing lasts forever and one day the ball will be in his court.

In other words, motivation gives him that respective belief to make him a believer. Take inspiration from heroes, armours and historical figures who just believed in themselves to hook the way. He starts thinking in such as manner in which those gigantic chronicle figures used to and got the idea that how to survive in that particular situation through believing in them as well as in himself keeping every kind of doubt aside. How to become a believer?

Inspiration leads to become a believer

So, in order to become a believer; determination and motivation is necessary. The term believe offers very broader interpretation. Undoubtedly, the creator of this universe is God with the belief that his creatures will find Him just through the process of believing in themselves. This is the only phenomenon through a man may mark up his survival. A man can’t live even a single moment without believing in himself. How to become a believer? I tried to explain my point of view on it. I also like to read Inspiration leads to success – Inspiration (

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