5 ALARMING Signs Of Depression

Are you suffering from depression?

What you need to know about depression ?

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5 Noticable Signs Of Depression

5 ALARMING Signs Of Depression

Depression is a state of low mood amd aversion to activity, classified medically as a mental and behavioural disorder. The experience of depression affects a person’s thought, behaviour, feelings and sense of well-being.

Feeling sad because of some tough times is normal but depression refers to feeling down for an extended period of time. You might be sad everyday and might find it tough to break out of the hole, it has on you.

Severe signs of depression

Depression can last for some days, a few weeks or even years. You need to make sure you seek help for this problem after identifying it.With that in mind, here are a number of signs of Depression that you should never ignore.

You are not feeling Well

When you don’t feel well

It may sound like an obvious sign but it is often hard to realize that you are down and not feeling well. It’s more than just being sad. You might feel irritated about small things or frustrated during your day. You may feel restless or anxious as well and you will not be able to tell why this is so. Severe signs of depression 

Thinking proves difficult

Overthinking may harm your thinking ability

Another common sign of depression is not being able to put your mind to a task. You may feel distracted and restless, losing focus all the time. Moreover, your thoughts might turn cloudy and negative.

You might find yourself regularly towards something dark such as suicide or self harm. These are dangerous signs of depression that you have to take seriously.

You struggle with your daily activities

When life becomes suddenly bore

Depressive disorder interfere with your life. It makes it difficult for you to even attempt your daily activities. You might lose enthusiasm for what you do and the inability to focus and put your mind to things might make you want to avoid responsibilities altogether.

You will start to hobbies less fun and might even begin to ignore your family and friends.You may also forego hygiene and your job finding it too difficult and troublesome to expend energy. Making your life smaller is common in depression as you may find it hard to keep up with things when you are not feeling well.

Your Sleeping Pattern has Changed

Good Sleep is an other word for sound health

Depression causes a hormonal imbalance inside the body as the brain does not have the environment to function properly. The changes in chemical composition can cause changes in sleeping patterns.

People suffering from depression may lose sleep suffering from insomnia or see their entire sleeping pattern changed. This of course is unhealthy and letting it continue can hurt the quality of life.

You experience Physical Discomfort

Feeling of discomfort

Depression also causes physical discomfort. You might not have sustained an injury but could find yourself dealing with routine headaches, back pain and more troublesome physical discomfort.

The chemical imbalance also affects your body and each part of it. You might even suffer from diarrhoea with the change in your lifestyle possibly upsetting your stomach.

You have to take these symptoms seriously if they continue to show up so that your depression and anxiety level does not increase and you will not face serious mental disorders in future.

5 warning signs of depression

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