Importance of Vitamin C

Importance of Vitamin C

Why is vitamin C so important?

Should you take vitamin C everyday?

What is vitamin C good for?

Which form of vitamin C is best?

Should I take vitamin C daily?

Does vitamin C give u energy?

Importance of Vitamin C


Compounds/ molecules/ organic chemicals which are not found in a body or more precisely which cannot be prepared or stored by the body are called vitamins. Vitamins (although are required by the body in very small amounts) are equally essential for proper functioning of the human system. There are several different vitamins vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D etc. Let’s get a little bit deeper about Vitamin C and know that how amazing it would be to prevent certain diseases just from little effort, time and good diet.

Vitamin C

The chemical name of commonly known vitamin C is Ascorbic acid. Its chemical formula is C6H8O6. It is highly available in citrus fruits and green vegetables.

This structural formula of vitamin C looks like:

Importance of Vitamin C
Structural Formula of Vitamin C

Importance of Vitamin C

For a healthy body, one must consume optimum level of vitamin C throughout the day. It not only helps in fighting cold but also important in many other aspects related to health, skin and hair. If you accidently gets a wound, it helps in the healing of wounds.

It is observed that a sufficient vitamin intake can decrease cold symptoms making it less panic. It can help a lot in viral infections as we all have heard the most common advice of doctors for combating COVID-19 was vitamin C supplements and diet enriched with vitamin C.

Vitamin C for Skin

Wrinkled skin? Aging marks? roughness in skin? No worries..!  Start taking diet enriched of Vitamin C. There are several citrus fruits and alot of vegetable available in the nearby market. There are also serums, face wash and pills enriched with vitamin C.

However, one should must consult a dermatologist before using any medications.

You can read more about the importance of Vitamin C here What Does Vitamin C Do for Your Skin?

RDA (Recommended dietary allowance)

The RDA (Recommended dietary allowance) of Vitamin C for a human body is

  • 90 mg for male
  • 75mg for women
  • 85 mg for pregnancy
  • 120 mg for lactating mothers

According to the defined importance of vitamin C, If this amount of vitamins is not taken by food then it must be taken in the form of medicine or capsule.

However, the recommended mode of taking vitamin C is the natural way i.e. thru fruits and vegetable.

Importance of Vitamin C
Importance of Vitamin C

Sources of Vitamin C

Fruits enriched with citric acid will boost your vitamin C intake. These include lemons and oranges. Also you can make a smoothie of berries (strawberries, blue berries) and enjoy your taste buds besides boosting your immune system. Vegetables are another source of this vitamin Including potatoes, spinach and Broccoli.


Deficiency of vitamin C can cause diseases like scurvy. It is caused by long term deficiency of Vitamin C in a body. Moreover vitamin C deficiency can affect different tissues in body, because vitamin C or Ascorbic acid works in collagen synthesis. If you have low levels of this vitamin you may suffer from bone diseases such as arthritis.

Are you one of those people who are going to have Vitamin C deficiency?

There are certain group of people who are more prone to deficiency of ascorbic acid than others. It all depends on their daily demand and what they eat. For example pregnant ladies are at higher risk level than non-pregnant ladies. Mothers who are breast feeding babies may also get deficiency related diseases because a lot of vitamins are provided to baby, so a mother’s intake of vitamins should be sufficient enough to provide for baby as well as her own body.

Old people with other diseases who don’t get to have variety in their daily routine may also get deficient in this very essential vitamin.   

Importance of Vitamin C
Importance of Vitamin C

Further, It is concluded that the importance of vitamin C could not be neglected. We should plan our diet according to the vitamin required by our body.