7 Exciting Virtual Weight Loss Ideas

Is it important to lose weight?

Do weight loss needs motivation?

How to make up your mind to lose weight?

7 Virtual Weight loss Ideas

7 Virtual Weight loss Ideas

Weight loss is something that needs patience and motivation but many people leave their plans. What does it take to continue to move towards your goals without quitting?

We have to remind ourselves that anytime we are trying to create a new habit or we are moving towards any type of change e.g, moving towards weight loss goals, it is a process and it is supposed to take time and quitting does not speed that process up.

1. Why do we quit?

Why do you take a break?

We are often fed so many false ideas that you can achieve a number of goals in 30 days i.e, or you can get a six pack in two weeks. The moment we feel like the process is not going fast, we use that as a reason to quit away.

Needs Patience

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you will always need patience

In weight loss journey, we face many challenges and discomfort and at times we develop some negative thoughts that this process is not working or not going to be successful. Quitting offers us a temporary feeling of relief. When something feels really hard to do, you give yourself permission to quit.

This process needs time and enough patience is required for example, a baby walking or crawling. They get stronger by pushing themselves back up all the time. They fall down and they push up. So any plan will work only in the condition if you have strong nerve and can wait for that required time to achieve a Visual Weight Loss.

Managing the Goal

Always focus on your goals

Do not change the goal, change the timeline. So often, we give ourselves unrealistic time frames like if you are thinking to lose 50 pounds in a specific period of time and it’s not working so we find it as a reason to quit. It should be a positive approach to extend time to achieve visual weight loss.

Critics vs Curiosity

When we get very critical and hard on ourselves, we truly lose hope so one such thing is to trade Criticism for Curiosity. We should be more curious and fascinated about ourselves for a good reason. You just have to create more space for yourself that will help you. Weight loss through virtual support community 

Be Kind to yourself

When we are trying to create change, it’s going to feel hard but don’t use that as a reason to quit. Be gentle to yourself. Be tender and easy because it’s going to help you lose weight.

Take a Break

Take a break

Sometimes the weight loss journey becomes tricky and overwhelming and it’s not supposed to be a perfect linear one. Taking a little bit of break instead of quitting is more effective. You need to step back and then continue to more forward because everything is momentum forward as long as you don’t quit for a longer period of time.

The Don’t Diet Rule

7 Virtual Weight loss Ideas

It’s not necessary to strive a hunger for half a day and forcing yourself not to eat even those things which are very beneficial for health. Most of the people lose their essential nutrients in diet and then become physically very weak. In turn, they think quitting would be a better option but we should plan our diet according to our basic daily needs.

Don’t bother yourself by the so called diet just take everything in your meal expect those which have fat in them and plays role in weight gain e.g, dairy products.

Focus on your health

So there are some of the motivational points discussed above, one should organize him or herself in such a way that lead to a Visual Weight Loss without getting much of the fatigue.


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