You are not Mean, But just Yourself!

Be Yourself! All the Time

Be yourself all the time is a message to you let’s check what is a message? You are not always perform what others want you to do! Moreover , You are not always act normal when you are not. You are not always have to laugh when you don’t want to.

Moreover, You need not to adjust to the things uncomfortable to you. You also don’t show to be good for the sake of pretending. You are not always have to dress for the eyes of the on-lookers. So, You should not always ready to eat decently. You don’t have to be in an up mood!

You are not Mean, But just Yourself!

Let’s learn how to be yourself

It’s not that you shall behave negatively to the negative situations. It’s is simply that: Sometimes you just need to be yourself, just yourself. Sometimes you just need to stop worrying about others. So, You just need to relish the inner you,
the way you feel comfortable in large size trousers, the way you walk randomly on the footpath, the way you talk freely, the way you respond actually the way you feel.

Stop thinking much of surroundings

Sometimes you just don’t need to stop the flow of weird thinking going on in your head. Actually, there are times when you really NEED to be what you are instead of what you want to BE! I mean you don’t need to part away from your inner self just for the reason that other people may accept you. If they love you for your pretending, then it is not you whom they care about! It is just the person whom they want to be as they want him to be!

Don’t look for other’s approvals

I certainly don’t mean to think selfish of others! But i just want to say that do express the real YOU sometimes!
Keeping anger in yourself all the time is going to make no difference to others, but it surely does to you!

You are not Mean, But just Yourself!

Sometimes you just need to stop paying heed to the Self-created rules for yourself! More often you need to give yourself a free hand! Sometimes you just need to have a moment of “Free Life” beyond the shackles of any tensions, consciousness or worries! It is simple, sometimes you just need to relax your head of all kind of RULES!!!

Be yourself for yourself

Giving a little time to yourself is no Crime! if you want to cry, cry. If you want to shout, shout. Furthermore, Do anything you want! If it is the people you are anxious about that your bad mood will make you lose them! Ahh, that is not so! If they care, they won’t mind your any kind of mood! Because they are with you for what you are not for what they want you to be! Having different moods is no crime, nor even a sign of rudeness! It’s just that you are Alive!

Just don’t give yourself a tough time! You are not always have to control yourself! Control is good, but controlling yourself (always) will make you forget the meaning of FEELINGS!  If you think that will make you mean! Then moods are not the signs of MEANNESS! They just teach you the meanings of feelings!

You are not Mean, But just Yourself!