Let's blame ourselves

Let’s blame ourselves



Can you blame yourself?

Why do we blame ourselves?

What is the word for blaming yourself?

Is it good to blame yourself?

A Self Inspection

A blame is, when one declare that either some person or some event is responsible for a loss, fault or misconduct. It happens when a person does not own his mistake or fault and believe that all responsibility is of other person. .

But.. Why everyone prefer to blame others on their failures but not own-self? We feel easy to blame others and declare them responsible for our own mistakes. Unfortunately, It has now became the part of our culture to degrade the one who cannot speak up for himself. It happens because it is easy to point out fingers on other rather evaluating our own self.

There are several examples of such acts around us. In an office, seniors usually shift the blame of their mistakes to juniors who will not be heard even if they claim that it was not their fault. Sometimes elder siblings are seem to blaming their mistakes on younger. There are a lot of other such examples also available in our society.

When you blame and criticize others, You are avoiding some truth about yourself.

 Deepak Chopra

Today, a big chunk of our educated and well-mannered society loves to gossip and discuss about other. How someone did this, other one did that. But they do not think that they end up blaming based on the information available to them. Even we categorize the blaming according to the level of biasness we have towards any person or situation. Usually, we feel comfortable in shifting all blames on the poor.

Same, as a nation, we do not want to change ourselves. We always blame the authorities for doing wrong. However when we are asked about our contribution then we say. “Will our small contribution make a difference to the cause of change?” We do not understand that whether its a big or small, making a difference always matters leading to bring a change.

A wise mind will always accept reality


In today’s culture whenever any such situation occurs where one himself is blameworthy. He will quickly put fingers towards other and shift the responsibility on the other person’s shoulder.

People always emphasize on pointing out other’s mistake but they do not inspect themselves because no one wants to face the weaknesses publicly or even in isolation.

Let’s blame ourselves

What if we shake our inner-self and self evaluate our own mistakes and correct them? Start gathering facts before pointing finger on someone? What if we start explaining people their mistake(if they are on fault) in isolation instead of broadcasting it to the world? It is better if we think before acting, rather having Regrets later.

Let’s blame ourselves first before pointing out fingers on others!

I found this video very informative and impressive Will Smith – Stop Blaming Others NOW!