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Monday Feelings
Monday Feelings…


How to cope with lazy Monday feelings?

How can we be energetic on Monday?

What are your Monday feelings?

Are you also afraid of Mondays?

“Mondays are start of work week, which offers new beginnings 52 times a year”

David Dweck

Friday seems to be the coolest day of week as it comes up with happiness of weekend… But Monday is the day that never sounds cool unless it’s a national holiday.

Feelings for Monday are usually same for students as well as professional. During childhood, Monday used to sound like a monster which is ready to attack our mood and seems like enemy of our sweet sleep time. Mostly people had such feelings about Mondays during their childhood.

Many of us work from 09 to 06 five days a week and few even work for six days a week. It is obvious that after working the whole week we get lazy, tired and sleep deprived. Saying good bye to Sunday and welcoming Monday is a sad story of almost everyone.

However, with time many of us have learnt to manage the weekend and to welcome the Monday with smile.

As it is Monday which decides how we are going to spend the whole week. If we are lazy and sleepy on Monday, we will be same for the rest of week. There are few things which are associated with how we are going to welcome new MONDAY? And going to make it a good start of the week.

Tips to Handle Monday feelings…

Monday feelings
Monday feelings

First of all, let’s start our Monday with a prayer. Let us offer our prayer and pray for a good week with positivity in mind. Look at the sky, smile and pray to Allah that please make the start of a new week lucky for us, and help us to accomplish our goals. (And, if we do it daily it will be like extra cherry on the piece of cake).

Secondly, a good and peaceful sleep of Sunday night for almost 8 to 9 hours is enough to keep you fresh on Monday morning. Freshness of Monday is linked to the time we take rest and sleep peacefully on Sunday. Here one thing need to be considered that don’t over sleep or over rest as it will make you lazy. Because over sleep also make us tired.



Thirdly, we should be mentally prepared for new week. We should plan our week, plan the start of new week. Set our goals, Priorities our tasks. And then step in to the Monday for a smooth start of the week. Although some unplanned things also create excitement and cherish our mood.

We should also try to have good breakfast in the morning, greet our parents with smile, and leave the home with trust on ourselves that we can make it, yes we can do it. Our prayers, Sound sleep and Weekly planning will decide how we are going to welcome the new week. Are we going to be fresh or energetic for next five days or vice versa?

These are very small acts, but are really very helpful. In order to have a good Monday feeling one should try to practice these. Now, It’s up to us, It’s we who are going to decide if we have to start with  or ☹

 Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For!

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