It's never too late to say sorry

It’s never too late to say sorry

It's never too late to say sorry

It’s never too late to say sorry

How do you say sorry to someone you hurt?

What is a better word for sorry?

Is apologizing saying sorry?

Let’s create a change from today! Because, we can do it.”


Writing up my thoughts for those who have always been shy, reluctant and has refused to say “Sorry”. It’s the fact that It’s never too late to say sorry.

Being the youngest at home, made me a child who always used to refuse to say sorry. I have always been rigid to accept my mistake. Apologize for my mistake had always been a real tough time for me. Although I changed myself with time but still I was reluctant to my thoughts till I grew up, However, now I guess I am at that age of life where showing our real emotions can be taken as positive quality rather than negative. Because, as we move towards self-assessment and self-discovery, it’s become easy and positive to accept our mistakes and to learn from them accordingly.

“The greater is the one who seeks forgiveness, But greatest is the one who forgive”


Placing the blames on someone’s shoulder is easy, making excuses and sticking to it is easy, but accepting the mistakes and keeping the whole burden on yourself is hard, really hard.

During my self-assessment, there were several things which made me laugh and think how silly I was and at the same time few incidents made me feel regret. However, it happens. We all face such moments in life. But good are those who learn from them. There was time when I used to keep the things inside and keep on burning my own blood for many days. It not just a story of a single soul, most of us go through the same anxiety in different ways and in different situations. But, It’s never too late to say sorry

“sorry is the Kool-Aid of human emotions. True sorrow is as rare as true love”

Stephen King

Self-Assessment is always positive!

Let’s have a small question answer session with our heart and mind. Have you ever sit back and thought about the mistakes you made? When was the last time you hurt someone with your actions or words? Do you say sorry on small mistakes? When was the last time you felt ashamed in accepting?

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future”

Paul Boese

Well, now there will be different things going on in your mind, you must be thinking about the last person you hurt, the last mistake you made. Relax, these are all part of our life. Aim it that from now on are you going to apologize for your mistakes? Are you brave enough to forgive everyone whom you have ever get hurt from? Are you going to accept your mistake and learn from it?

It's never too late to say sorry
It’s never too late to say sorry

Let’s Try it today, apologize to all those whom we have hurt intentionally or unintentionally and forgive all those who apologize from us. Believe me you will be in peace, because an apology may not change what has happened, but it can for sure help to heal the scars, it can add more value and importance in a relationship.   

Do this little self-assessment, think about yourself and decide by yourself. If you want to return to God and seek His forgiveness? Can you be the first to apologize now onward? Can you take responsibility of your mistakes?


If yes than, It’s never too late to say sorry.

  Be Caring, Be empathic, Be Strong & Be Apologetic!


What happens when we are late to say sorry? It become our Regrets.


It’s never too late to say sorry

This articles also reminds the song Three Days Grace – Never Too Late – YouTube.