Ambition In Mind


Ambition in Mind
Ambition in Mind

What is ambition in mind?

Is ambition the same as AIM?

What is aim and ambition?


AIM? A three letter word that means “Ambition in mind“.

Where the aim does stands in our life? What is the importance of aims to live a successful life? Do we really need any ambition for survival?

Without AIM our life is directionless. Every individual has to set a goal in life, Work hard on it and then to achieve the success they dreamed for. But for all this, AIM requires our proper planning and formulation to work on.

A soul without a high aim is like a ship without a rudder.

Eileen Caddy

Human beings are blessed with several charitable abilities, such as love, compassion, respect, generosity and most importantly “unique mind power” which can distinguish between the right and the wrong. We can sense every good or bad happening around us.

It is unfortunate that today we all are more impressed with materialistic life style. Preferences are given to the elite and intellectuals have left behind. Similarly our AIMs are also associated with the same lifestyle. We being youth are more money oriented. As we are focusing more on quantity rather then the quality. In result, we are usually compromising on our health and social life to earn more and more money.

However, to live a healthy life and to maintain the standard we surely need money. Still we can not forget that we are humans not machine. We can not ignore our social life and family.

Ambition In mind
Ambition in Mind

A productive ambition will always open new doors for us to flourish and bloom in our precious lives. Our intense desire to achieve our goal motivates us enough that even after failure, we regain our stamina, energy and enthusiasm to experiment with our potential, capabilities and expertise.

Sometime, it also happens that in the journey to accomplish our goals and to fulfil our aim; we miss the major responsibilities in our life. And sometimes they become our Regrets. It is good to AIM high in life but to maintain balance is also necessary. One should make priorities in life and than decide what to do? and, how to do?

We must always AIM for the impossible; if we lower our goal, we also diminish our effort.

Dorothy Day

Our ambition should be constructive. So that it leaves an impact on our well being, success and happiness. Also, it should become an inspiration for other to follow.

Thus we can say that setting an AIM in life and being ardent enough to achieve it. It not only direct our life to a particular direction, but also sharpen and build-up our mind and body, thereby firming our character in totality. 



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