It’s Just A Joke


Is it really just a joke?

Was this just a joke with fun intention?

How could it be just a joke?


For many of us it is a normal topic, but for some of us it is a sensitive point of discussion. Many people around us speak words and then say IT WAS JUST A JOKE…! OK It could be a joke only if it is not hurting someone’s feelings.

People use offensive language and they do it deliberately. the purpose is just to 7degrade other person. The most common reason is people start taunting and using offensive language in the name of JOKE because they feel good in hurting the feeling of other person or it satisfies their ego.

However, who knows what impact does these jokes left on the personality of other person?

They destroy the charm, than say It’s just a joke


I know a girl whose maternal family used to taunt her on everything she wears to anything she eats. They used to make fun of her low cost clothes by comparing to her cousins. The girl’s parents never stopped their family from making fun of their child because they never felt and saw the embarrassment their daughter was going through. At the age of twenty, that little sweet girl turned out to be a confused, afraid and sensitive personality. On the name of joke, her elders ruined her personality.

Now, who is responsible for this kind of personality of her? This is just one example, however we can find many such instances in our societies. The purpose is not to highlight some negativity. It is just to highlight the effect of such jokes on the feelings and emotions of other person.

It's just a joke...!
It’s just a joke…!

A joke is something that may bring smile on one’s face, but if the other person feels embarrassed at the same time then it is not a JOKE. It is really not a JOKE. You are actually hurting someone by making fun of their feelings and emotions (physical, health, mental, financial and list goes …). You never know when your joke can kill a dream and end the charm of someone’s personality.

Sometimes such taunts can break a dream. Who knows what other person is going through in life? Even if they call out that they do not believe it was a joke, some stereotypes are going to disappoint them more by taunting on their humour.

If A JOKE is a taunt, it is not a JOKE instead just joke bullying…!


These jokes are just ruining the personalities of children. When an adult can not have control on his feelings and emotions after hearing such jokes. How can we expect a child to not be effected from these exotic talks?

The purpose behind highlighting this topic is not to stop anyone from cracking jokes for GENUINE FUN, but it is just to create awareness among the parents, elders, family members and specially the WHOLE society; that please do not ruin the personality of anyone in the name of JOKE. Do not kill a flower before it start growing.

It’s just a JOKE…! But it’s Really NOT!

If you feel like you have hurt someone with your joke and if you are really ashamed of your act than I must suggest IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO SAY SORRY. Take the opportunity before it’s too late.

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