Confidence or Over Confidence

Confidence or over confidence

Confidence is a person’s trust on his abilities. It is something that can be visibly seen by anyone. If you have a confident personality then it can be felt by your overall body language, your eye contact and your behavior.

A confident person is always content and happy. He is not afraid to make mistakes and learn through them. Confidence is very important to become successful in life. Let’s assume you have a really beautiful voice and you sing very well but you don’t have enough faith and trust on your abilities that you show your talent in front of public. You have doubts in your mind about your abilities. Furthermore, Your mind constantly questions what if they don’t like my performance. What if i forget lyrics? What if everything does not go as a planned? This type of thinking is less believe and is not good.

Over Confidence Myths

Another scenario is when you are over confident. It means that you estimate your abilities and talents more than you actually have. You have not prepared for exam but you think that you will get through the examination very well because you are a genius. This type of thinking is very dangerous for you and you have to change it otherwise you will miss golden opportunities in your life ahead. Various factors may lead you to such thinking like facing bullying in childhood, racism, unhealthy criticism, low encouragement by parents and teachers etc.

It means that low belief and over confidence either of them is detrimental. A person should have optimum level of faith neither too low nor too high. If he has some sort of talent then he should have confidence and perform with his full focus at the same time he should have an eye on his short comings and continuously improve himself.

Points to Remember

  • It makes you humble and successful while overconfidence let you towards pride and fai
  • Everyone admires it whereas no one likes an arrogant over confident personality.
  • Confidence has much value in profession whereas low or over confident people face rejection. They lose many opportunities.