Power of Self Esteem

Power of self esteem

Self-esteem or power of self esteem is a person’s own perspective about himself. It is all about his feelings of self-confidence and self-worth. How you feel is how you become. If you have a feeling that you are not capable enough to pass a certain test or interview then obviously you will not be able to perform to your fullest. First step towards success is to start changing your thoughts about yourself.

Self-esteem should be inculcated in children from the very beginning they should get to know the power of self esteem. They should not be made to feel like they are loveable only when they get good grades or do not fight with fellows. They should be assured that as a human they are going to make a lot of mistake in their life. The righteous behavior they have to show here is that they should learn from their mistakes and do not feel bad about themselves. Moreover they should have a faith in inner beauty. It is seen that sometimes children have good level of self-esteem but as they reach teenage they start feeling insecure about their body. So called image of beauty is inculcated in their minds by our environment which focuses on a perfect body image. As a parent it is your duty to groom your child’s personality and show them the right way to see themselves as a whole personality with emotions goals and compassion.

I remember a boy in my class when i was in 4th grade. He was not good at studies and got punished by teachers every now and then. Our English teacher tried to tackle him by improving his self-esteem. She started giving him compliments soon he started feeling good about himself and realized his self-worth. Now he became the boy who not only finished his homework on time but was number one to complete class work as well.

Self Esteem

So self-esteem plays key role in your relationships, career and success. If you are content from inside then there is no failure to break you from outside. Power of Self Esteem gives you enough power to tackle any problem in life. It gives you the power to get up and bounce back every time you fall.

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